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When the Inkwell Dries Up: Appreciate

Dear Reader, I admit that I am really bad when it comes to thinking of things to be thankful for. I often get caught up and consumed in what I don’t have that I completely forget about the things that I have to be thankful for. While I sometimes realize the big things (food, shelter,… Continue Reading


When the Inkwell Dries Up: Time Travel

Dear Reader, It would be a great thrill if we could go back to the past on a giant time travel machine, especially if we were not subject to the consequences of the dizzying, disorienting effects that I imagine come with traveling back in time in a tiny, tight machine. As for now, there seems… Continue Reading


When the Inkwell Dries Up: Reclaim Your Enthusiasm

Dear Reader, I used to question and doubt the existence of writer’s block. That was before I started to go through prolonged periods of feeling like I had nothing to say. While I now do believe in writer’s block, I also believe that there are certain steps one can take to get through this period,… Continue Reading