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So, The Album Is Finished

Dear Reader, So, it’s finally over. It seems strange to report, but after much apprehension/fear/excitement/sleepless nights/testing/listening/recording/ re-recording/listening/and far too much coffee, I can report to you that my debut album Dreams has been recorded, mixed, mastered, and is now finished. There were times when I honestly wasn’t sure if this would ever be completed. The… Continue Reading


Say That Again? Or, The Continuing Adventures of Sick Boy

Dear Reader, So it turns out it wasn’t just shower water in my ears. After not being able to hear properly for a few days, I went to the doctor and it turns out that, on top of mono, I now have an ear infection in both ears. The fluid from the infection means that… Continue Reading


Starting Over

Dear Reader, I would start off this post with “hello, it’s me”, but (a) it seems like Adele has claimed that phrase from now on and (b) it seems like a rather presumptuous way to start a blog post, because, unlike Adele, I’m not sure if anyone remembers me. It’s been a bit of time… Continue Reading