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Crimes and Accusations: The Uncertainties, Complexities, and Relevance of the Woody Allen Case

Dear Reader, I want to do something, given the reactions, potentially stupid and talk about the Woody Allen case. I know, you have probably had enough. If you want, you can shut me off right now. There have been so many different people talking about this case—from Mia Farrow to Ronan Farrow to Dylan Farrow to Woody… Continue Reading


Holiday: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Dear Reader, Don’t just let this be a day to take off from the library, school, the bank, or getting the mail. With today being a chance to reflect, let’s think about what Martin Luther King, Jr. did for this country and the equality that he always advocated for. Never forget. Sincerely, Jumbled Writer Continue Reading


I Wanna Be Loved by You: Life and Death of Marilyn Monroe

Dear Reader, Given the limited news sources in 1962, it seems more likely that the death of Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe would have been announced to the majority of the world on Monday, August 6th, 1962 during the morning television news. Around this time, there would have been a large amount of tears and speculation… Continue Reading