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Fiona Apple and the Case of the Hecklers

Dear Reader, My friend Fiona Apple has been in the news lately. While this is good from a publicity standpoint (Apple has just embarked on a month-long collaboration tour with Blake Mills), it is not good for just about every other reason. Fiona had not even made it through the first gig when the show… Continue Reading


Living Legends: Joyce Carol Oates

Dear Reader, It seems almost impossible that I have gone on this long without mentioning one of the writers that I hold most dearly. Her name, if you are unfamiliar with her, is Joyce Carol Oates. Chances are that if you have come within twelve feet of a bookstore, you have seen or heard of… Continue Reading


Extraordinary Woman: Fiona Apple

Dear Reader, If you have never heard of the musician Fiona Apple, then I am happy. You have over four albums of great passion awaiting you. If you read the post a few weeks ago, you know that the main topic discussed with a lack of passion in art. Fiona Apple, whose 35th birthday is… Continue Reading