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So, The Album Is Finished

Dear Reader, So, it’s finally over. It seems strange to report, but after much apprehension/fear/excitement/sleepless nights/testing/listening/recording/ re-recording/listening/and far too much coffee, I can report to you that my debut album Dreams has been recorded, mixed, mastered, and is now finished. There were times when I honestly wasn’t sure if this would ever be completed. The… Continue Reading


Final Post: New Album, New Places, and A Big, Big Thank You!

Dear Reader, Well, this is it. It feels strange to say goodbye, but it seems like now is the right time. For those who have been following for a while, you can probably tell that this website has been going in a different direction lately. When I first started writing in July of 2012, I… Continue Reading


Am I Supposed To Announce This? Part Two

Dear Reader, Long version: Once again, I am coming at you with another blog post where I have no idea if anything I am about to write has any sort of interest for anyone. I first wrote one of these posts when I had just completed the writing of my album. It didn’t feel like… Continue Reading