Back in the Studio

Dear Reader,

I am hesitant to even write this post, because in my mind there is a high chance that I am going to jinx myself, but (as of now) I am no longer sick and have finally made it back into the recording studio.

It was a strange thing to come back. At this point, it’s been close to a year since I last went to this studio (or any studio at all). It was last July that I was here, recording the vocals and putting the final touches on what I thought was the finished version of this album. It’s strange to think of all that has happened since then, and of the person I used to be.

So far, it’s been proving a bit difficult to get back into the same head space and expand on the overall sound and direction of the album while trying to be sure that none of the changes make anything worse and that everything still feels like it is coming from the same place. I have absolutely no idea how long this will take, but at this point, there’s nothing to do but give it everything I have.

Hopefully this doesn’t turn into a disaster.

Until next time.




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  1. That sounds rough, but sometimes rough things like this result in amazing things. Some of my favorite albums of all time were rushed to completion and almost weren’t made; it’s amazing how the unexpected can change music. Good luck to you.

    • Sorry for the late reply, just saw this comment. You are right, the unexpected can always happen, good or otherwise. Creating is a strange and often messy process. Thank you for your support.

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