7 Responses to So, I Filmed a Music Video With My Cell Phone

  1. I really like the outcome, too. However for me ad a non native speaker it is hard to understand, because the piano is quite loud and your voice is not.

  2. You had me at…well, once the piano started playing. Once I heard it, i already knew I would like it. The piano is louder than it should be, though, so it was not just competing with but even winning over your vocals. I like your vocals very much but it would have been nicer if the piano sounds were lower — I really thought at first that the lyrics were in a language other than English! A lot of the lyrics got “lost”…Perhaps you could share them…?

    That said, I like the video as well, simple yet engaging and the fact that phone was used made it seem more realistic. To be honest, though, I felt the clothes hanging on the clothesline were a bit off, visually-speaking….Who are the guys? Are you in it?

    • I’ve had a few comments about the lyrics, so I can definitely include them in the video’s description box.
      Oh yeah, I’m the guy with the black and gray hat. The other guy is Lando Diaz, one of my friends (and fellow musician, if I can give him some promotion–his Soundcloud link is in the video’s description). Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to watch it!

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