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Dear Reader,

So, as some of you may know, the great blogger Opinionated Man (OM for short) has decided to end his blog HarsH ReaLiTy. The decision to stop posting came a few weeks ago, but I suppose I was holding on to the hope that he would change his mind and come back. Sadly, four days ago he confirmed on his site that he was moving on. Luckily for all of us, the site can now be viewed publicly (it was set to private for a little bit after the announcement). For anyone who isn’t familiar with his site, I encourage you to spend a few minutes reading one of his posts. Before you do, make sure that you don’t have anywhere to go soon, because they are addictive.

There have been a lot of excellent blog posts written about OM and the impact that he’s had on the blogging community. One of the most repeated things that’s been mentioned is that, in addition to being an excellent writer, he was also extremely supportive to fellow WordPress bloggers. There were countless times when he would dedicate an entire post to letting other writers share their most recent work or a post that they were proud of. (Keep in mind he had over 50,000 subscribers, so the opportunity to share something to that big of an audience was pretty phenomenal.) He’d also scroll through various sites and reblog articles he found interesting. If you left a comment on one of his posts, you’d most likely get a reply from him, even if the post generated over 100 comments.

I’m not going to try to put into words what his blog or his support meant, because I’m just not sure I can. I will, however, do what he did so many times and let this post be a free promotion blog. For all writers/painters/dancers/singers/small business owners, I’m sure you know how challenging it can be to get your voice heard online when there are so many others trying for the same thing. And then, when you do get that chance to talk about yourself and/or your product, there’s always the slight feeling that you’re coming across as spam and shouldn’t market yourself at all (or maybe I’m just projecting all my insecurities). But for the purposes of this post, don’t worry about that. Leave a comment down below and tell me what you’re working on. Or what you just completed. Or what you want to start working on in the near future. Be sure to leave a link so that others can check you out. (Just please don’t actually be spam, because real spam is smelly and computer spam is just no fun.)




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  1. What a lovely thing to do.
    I write about mental health from an autobiographical, observational, and inspirational viewpoint. I’m a new blogger but there’re 20+ stories up there. I also reply to comments as often as possible and will follow most blogs of those who interact with mine (as that’s how I know you exist).
    Check it out, but beware that posts can be very moving and moderately long (1,000-2,500 words).

  2. What an awesome idea! I am a mental health blogger, everything I write is very personal from experience for the most part.

    You can check out my blog at:

    Here is a sample of my work :

    To define Tightrope walking the dictionary tells me it is the art of walking along a thin wire or rope.

    Today I realized that I am exactly that. I balance on a very fine tightrope. I am a tightrope walker, in every sense of the word – except the true traditional meaning. I do not perform in front of large crowds, I do not work at a circus, I do not climb high up ladders onto platforms and walk across a tightrope balancing various objects. I do not get or give a thrill out of the balance act. Crowds do not cheer for me, people do not clap.

    But still I walk the line. Still I perform in the balance act.

    My line is invisible, or perhaps it is some kind of dark magic. Because sometimes for a fleeting second I see it there, only to have it vanish into thin air again.

    Its kinda like that shadow that you thought you saw out of the corner of your eye. Once you blink it is gone and you are unsure of weather or not you even saw it in the first place.

    I have to balance on the line to keep my life balanced. The line represents the balance mark of my Bipolar disorder. On one side of the line there is a sea of depression and on the other side an endless sky of mania.

    The further out from the line on either side the more dishevel there is. Storms rage. Each storm different and unique in their own ways.

    On the depression side just dipping a toe into the raging waters off of that perfect straight and thin line brings with it slow sluggish me. Not wanting to interact with people or go outside. The further I go into the depression side the more devastation it brings to me. Sleeping more, thoughts of despair and feelings of failure to name just a few things the depression side advertises.

    While the mania side has a whole different allure. Dangling a toe in that direction might bring productivity, super happiness, feelings that I am finally doing something important with my life. Lingering any longer on that side brings no sleep. A tingling and jittery body, tons of racing thoughts, projects and research. Talking fast, talking more, and talking loud.

    Both of these sides have devastating side effects when we over stay our welcome. Depression can turn pretty ugly super fast. Feelings of being inadequate, doom and suicidal thoughts. While mania can bring irritability, anger, rage and paranoia.

    It is not always easy. Sometimes something very little and insignificant can cause us to tip in one direction or another. A night with no sleep can very easily turn into two nights with no sleep, three nights with little sleep, and manic excitement. An argument or misconstrued remark could be just the thing that causes you to doubt yourself and bring a rapidly declining fall into a depressive state.

    So I tip toe across the tightrope trying to maintain a balance between the depressive side and the manic side of my illness. Tipping from side to side as I live my life. Sometimes carrying extra weight that is causing me to loose my footing into one side or the other.

    I always find my balance again, sometimes it takes longer then others. Sometimes I even fall off the edge of the rope. Sometimes it is a long fall to the safety net that is below, other times the fall is shorter.

    But I get back up there, climbing the ladder, swallowing my pride, swallowing my fear, and I begin walking the line again.

    Because I am a tightrope walker.

  3. Hearing this makes me immensely sad because OM is on of my favorite bloggers and we were among each other’s first followers — coming onto the site within a few days of one another. I wish him the best and thank you, Charlie, for trying to fill at least part of his huge shoes. Some other of us will have to do our part toward that end … maybe next week so there’s no pull off this thread.

    I’m an Alaska novelist and blogger mostly wading in the libertarian/borderline voluntaryist end of the pool. I like to take a social contrarian point of view and see what conversation that generates, but I’m not nearly as successful as OM was. When I’m not blogging about history, economics or non-partisan political philosophy, I write novels (I’ve published two), do a weekly author interview (small press and indie authors are welcome to drop me a line at and include an occasional post about writing process.

  4. Hmm. Software engineer with no interest in accounting or taxation develops revolutionary tax system, while writing a novel about a young woman forced to look after a life-changing ugly tan-coloured briefcase for a week. He is determined to design, shoot and 3D-render his own book cover. All while desperately searching online for reassuring research that says lack of sleep really isn’t bad for you.
    Random ramblings: Cheers!

  5. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share!

    I’ve had panic attacks since I was a child. When my daughter was ten years old, she started experiencing panic symptoms. Anxiety ruled her young life. We reached out for medical help, and she greatly improved. I’m happy to say we’re both almost panic free!

    My blog is to inspire and share with others who are dealing with anxiety, panic disorder, agoraphobia, depression, and other mental health issues.

    Please visit me at

  6. I am a writer, I journal every chance I get. I have every kind of journal you could think of. I have many books to write in my head. My day job is I am a homemaker or the Queen of Everything…Thanks, come read my blog… Oh I am a huge Chicago Blackhawk’s Fan. Let’s bring Lord Stanley home <3

  7. Thanks for a wonderful pay it forward and this opportunity. I blog about life with clinical depression at and also about the ups and downs of being an older mom at I hope you are all well and happy!

  8. Your post actually reminded me of one of the reasons I began my WordPress blog in the first place. it’s not really for guest blogging, but related to more (actual) advocacies. I could not push through with it before for reasons that I’ll probably have to mention in an actual post…

    Thanks for this reminder 😉

  9. Thanks, Charlie! This is an awesome opportunity for your readers, and a kind tribute to OM.

    I’m a writer and editor in New York City. For work, I provide editorial services (like blog and newsletter writing, ghostwriting, report editing, etc) to nonprofits, small businesses, and individuals, For fun, I write my own arts and culture/”human interest” stories for blogs and magazines.

    Check ’em all out here! 🙂

  10. Thanks, Charlie! You are forever doing wonderful things.

    I am an author whose main genres are mystery/thriller and literary fiction. The Special Crimes Team is a series about a unit of misfit cops given nearly impossible cases. Each book features strong women who positively impact their world.
    In my literary novels, I’ve tackled such subjects as adoption, family secrets and their impact, child welfare/foster care system, homophobia, and other issues women and girls face every day. Though my books may not have the classic happily-ever-after, they all empower and uplift the readers.
    To see the full list of my books and their descriptions visit my page at

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