My Housemate Just Saved My Recording Sessions

Dear Reader,

As some of you know, I’ve recently been trying to record an album. I’ve chosen to go the homemade route, meaning everything is basically being recorded in my bedroom. Like a lot of recording sessions, it started out all right. I was able to get some of the basic piano tracks down and was going to start working on vocals. However, very soon into the process, I realized that something wasn’t right. When I stepped up to the microphone, I couldn’t hear myself. Now, from a personal standpoint, this was not a bad thing, as I don’t like the sound of my own voice. However, from a music standpoint, this was not good. If your song has lyrics, it’s kind of important that listeners are able to hear your vocals. After struggling for about thirty minutes to understand the equipment, I put on my Technical Wizard hat and managed to find the incredibly complicated solution. Or, in other words, I realized that the microphone was not turned on.

Once I turned it on, I held the microphone and started recording. However, I was still running intro problems. The microphone was picking up my voice, but it was also picking up breathing noises, the sound of my jacket, my shoes (apparently I move a lot during recording), and other background noises (I never knew my room was so loud until I tried to record in it).

Later that night, I was talking (or, really, straight up complaining) to my housemate about the situation when he decided to come up with a solution. Twenty minutes later, he presented me with this:

homemade mic stand








I’ve been using the stand since then, and I have to say that it really has been a huge help in eliminating unwanted noises when recording vocals. I can’t begin to describe to you how he made it. However, he can. Check back tomorrow for a guest post from my genius housemate on how to make your own microphone stand.



*Photo Courtesy of my housemate’s Instagram account.


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