Goodbye to a Great Friend

Quotation-Mary-M-Forbes-inspirational-Meetville-Quotes-19146Dear Reader,

For close to ten years, I had the pleasure of knowing and communicating with Mary M. Forbes. Unfortunately, this past Sunday, Mary passed away. Some of you may have known Mary as an author, blogger, and active Facebook user. The books that she wrote spanned numerous genres and styles, including historical, contemporary, and western, and all of her works featured characters who fought their way out of difficult situations. While I admired Mary for her talent, what I admired even more was her passion for life, her wit, and her ability to be a great friend. In the age of media distraction, Mary and I frequently had something very rare: actual conversations. We seemingly discussed everything—philosophical ideas, political leaders, the latest viral video, Tolstoy, why writing is so hard, our dreams for the future, our favorite musicians, and so on. While we sometimes had to agree to disagree, we always maintained the highest level of respect for each other. Friendships are sometimes like oceans, in that you don’t realize how deep it is until you’re forced to reach the end. Due to the unexpected nature of her passing, I wasn’t able to fully express how much her presence in my life meant to me. And so, because of that, I thought I would take this moment to send a wave of thanks to Mary. Thank you for your humor, your support, and the light you shined on me. You will not be forgotten.




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  1. Mary was also a very good friend of mine. She was always able to rise above her circumstances and keep a positive outlook on life, no matter what was going on in her life. Mary extended her love and encouragement to all of those around her. She will be greatly missed.

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