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Dear Reader,

Today I am participating in a blog hop courtesy of Mary M. Forbes.

Essentially, you answer four questions about your work, then pass it on for other writers to share about their work and process.

What I am working on now: I currently am working on a sequel for Glass People. It’s in the editing stages right now. The basic story still concerns Fred, America, Ruth, Meredith, and Len, and shows how their lives have changed since the events of book one took place.

I’m also working on some music, which may or may not be released.

How My Work Differs From Others: I’m not really sure that it does differ a whole lot. (This is why I should never work for marketing.) I try to write what I feel connected to, and I strive to tell the truth. Fantasies are cool and should be welcomed into fiction, but something that I use art for is to help deal with reality as it actually is, rather than what it could be. I believe fiction can be like a great friend, who can give you advice, offer suggestions, or just make you feel less alone in the world.

Why I Write What I Do: I’ve learned that I really have to emotionally connect to a piece before I write it. I can’t force myself to write something I don’t care about, because if I don’t have that passion (and, to a greater extent, the absolute need to write), the project will never become as developed as it could have been.

How My Writing Process Works: Process is a tricky thing. I try not to have a process, for the most part. Routine is a dangerous thing, because there is a certain mundane quality to it that, if you’re not careful, can leak into the work. I am always aware that I may not be able to finish what I am working on, and because of that, I suppose I am always expecting something to go wrong.

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