When the Inkwell Dries Up: Appreciate

Appreciation is a wonderful thing Dear Reader,

I admit that I am really bad when it comes to thinking of things to be thankful for. I often get caught up and consumed in what I don’t have that I completely forget about the things that I have to be thankful for. While I sometimes realize the big things (food, shelter, family), I often forget about the smaller, less obvious fortunes that I have in my life. While the big ones can be paramount to a good life, the smaller fortunes are often the ones that, without them, life becomes significantly less meaningful. When I break it down, there is a whole world to be thankful for. If you need help, here is a checklist. Go down the list and see what applies to your life.

1.) Access to materials on the internet (not sure how you otherwise got this post).

2.) A breathing, living body.

3.) The ability to change your perspective on the matters that go on in your life.

4.) The ability to smile at someone, which can radically change the course of someone’s day (try it for yourself).

5.) The knowledge that you have written something before in your life (whether or not it was the masterpiece you wanted).

6.) Access to literature that can change your life.

7.) An openness to hearing what is good about your life (otherwise, why read this post?).

8.) Knowing that, even if you can’t/won’t write a masterpiece, you can still be kind to others (see number four).

9.) Access to films/theatre/music/art pieces that can inspire you.

10.) The fact that you have an interest in how to improve your writing, which can go a long way towards being able to write better.

11.) Cheesy and predictable stories written by other people (cruel, perhaps, but at least you know that you are not the only bad writer around).

12.) Great, unpredictable, and/or absorbing stories written by other people (to know that strong writing is achievable).

Do you have any things to be grateful for that are not on this list? Feel free to add them down in the comments down below. I understand this is not exactly the typical advice to give for writer’s block. While I am not saying that appreciating what you have in life is going to turn you into Kafka, I do believe that getting stuck in a writer’s block can be dispiriting, and feeling sorry for yourself for too long will just make you depressed. It’s happened to me far too many times. People can write when they are sad, but when they become depressed and life becomes meaningless, motivation to write usually decreases significantly. Let appreciation get you out of that emotional rut.


Jumbled Writer

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  1. I think this list very much inspires writers who need inspiration. I would add to the list – of knowing you can enjoy the outdoors without fear for your life too. Some places in the world don’t have that. A very good article for hope and inspiration. Thanks.

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