Humans Aren’t (All) Evil: Narayanan Krishnan

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            While the holidays are generally associated with talking snowmen, reindeers, Santa Claus, family get-togethers, bright lights, and warm beverages, it can be a depressing time of year. For many, especially those who are lonely, all the constant talk of family and cheer can serve as a blunt reminder for how alone and unhappy they are. It can also be a time of struggle for those who do not get along well with their relations (something which becomes even more apparent when forced to spend the holidays together and relive old, hurtful memories). On top of this, the savage ways that shoppers treat each other in an attempt to get material goods is enough to make anyone lose hope in humankind. As a bit of an antidote to this, I have decided to focus on some of the inspiring and brave things that humans are doing in this world.

I wasn’t planning for a fifth post in this series, but after seeing this video and watching the compassion and devotion that this man has for what he calls “the joy of giving”, I changed my mind and knew I had to post this. Once again, this video comes from the CNN Heroes Special (2010 edition). Mr. Krishnan’s inspiring story started when he was on vacation and saw a man starving desperately. This is what he decided to do next. In a season that tends to emphasize the joys of receiving (Christmas), I hope you take five minutes to watch this video and remember Mr. Krishnan’s message about the joys of giving.


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*Video Courtesy of ThunderCallOfficial and CNN.


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  1. Every little bit helps and no one should ever feel anxious about giving more – if they give. I don’t think there is a scale for helping others. Even a smile and a greeting can help someone. And giving is always better than receiving I think. Merry Christmas

    • I agree that we do not know how our actions are interpreted to other people. Something just as simple as smiling at someone who looks lonely can go a long way towards making that person feel appreciated. Merry Christmas to you as well.

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