Humans Aren’t (All) Evil: Tererai Trent

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While the holidays are generally associated with talking snowmen, reindeers, Santa Claus, family get-togethers, bright lights, and warm beverages, it can be a depressing time of year. For many, especially those who are lonely, all the constant talk of family and cheer can serve as a blunt reminder for how alone and unhappy they are. It can also be a time of struggle for those who do not get along well with their relations (something which becomes even more apparent when forced to spend the holidays together and relive old, hurtful memories). On top of this, the savage ways that shoppers treat each other in an attempt to get material goods is enough to make anyone lose hope in humankind. As a bit of an antidote to this, I have decided to focus on some of the inspiring and brave things that humans are doing in this world.

The video down below comes from a show that Oprah Winfrey did in 2011. The segment is about a woman named Tererai Trent. Miss Trent had a very “simple” goal of getting an education. However, this goal was made complicated by the fact that her community forbid women from going to school. Only the men were allowed to get an education because (it was assumed) the women would be soon married off and would not need to have an education. While Tererai secretly did her brother’s homework in an attempt to learn, she was quickly married by the age of 11. If you have seven minutes to spare, please watch this video down below, because what Miss Trent did next is pretty remarkable. Watch until the end, because there is a surprise.


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*Video Courtesy of Big Speak Speakers Bureau and The Oprah Winfrey Show.


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  1. That is an AMAZING, beautiful story and I am eternally grateful that you shared it. Many, like myself, would never have the chance to see that video had you not. I actually had tears in my eyes but being an overly emotional person, that isn’t terribly surprising. You should have seen me when our elementary school unveiled the $100,000 library makeover we won. Even being in the middle of a big city, there is so much to achieve when it comes to education and opening new doors for our children. Again, thank you. I appreciate you.

    • Hello. I was worried about posting this, since this was on Oprah after all, and I wasn’t sure how many would have been familiar with the story. However, thank you for confirming that this should have been shared. After I saw the video, I just felt that it needed to be shared.
      Wow, a $100,000 makeover would be really thrilling to win. I’m glad it went to your school.

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