The Golden Months: December

December kidsDear Reader,

Alas, the last of the Golden Months are here. But that’s okay, because this is one of the best. Thanksgiving is over, which means everyone that participated in cooking the Thanksgiving feast can now enjoy a life free from the kitchen—at least until the leftovers are gone, Christmas music can now be played (at least in my house, where the official rule is to wait until Thanksgiving night before engaging in any type of Christmas activity), students only have about two more weeks of putting up with their teachers before going on Winter Break, teachers only have about two more weeks of putting up with their students before going on Winter Break, those who celebrate St. Nicholas Day get a present before Christmas, Hanukkah can continue (since it technically started in November), those who do not have snow do the unofficial snow dance in the hopes of getting a day from school/work off (though I’ve never actually understood how this dance is performed), Christmas movies in which all problems of society start in November and are solved by the 25th of December are played on repeat on TV (and come into the theaters), those hosting parties have to decide if they are going to greet their guests with “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”, the final round of the potential-Oscar-winner films gets released, neighbors compete with each other for who can set up the most Christmas decorations on their house (while still celebrating the holiday that is supposed to bring peace, love, and joy to one another), Bathtub Party Day gets an official twenty-four hours to confuse people as to how they can have a party about soaking in the bathtub (and how they are going to ask their friends to come to their party without sounding like a creep), those who are in a dark place can get a positive perspective with Look on the Bright Side Day, stores get significant profits, shoppers get in their exercise by running around stores as though they were paid by the mile, a large man wearing red breaks into people’s house and eats their cookies in exchange for (maybe) delivering the presents asked for, Kwanzaa begins and ends, after Christmas sales and pre-New Year’s Sales begin, and people end the year with the hope that they will finally do that thing they avoided doing this year.

Reader, what does December mean to you?


Jumbled Writer

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8 Responses to The Golden Months: December

  1. For me, December means trying to finish writing a manuscript I’ve been working on for a long time. It’s also going to be the our first Christmas in a new house, in a new city. I hope you have a wonderful December, JW!

    • December is a very good time for finishing projects. I love to finish something before the new year. Thank you and have a wonderful December as well.

  2. I love Christmas. There’s Christmas cards and candy to make. Presents to wrap. Friends to visit and invite over. Then on Christmas Day we stay home and have a great meal. For me, that’s duck. Yummy.

    Many thanks for stopping by my blog and reading my flash fiction. I appreciate it.

  3. Christmas means family and friends with lots of laughter and discussions. It also means some real good ‘old-fashioned’ foods we just don’t eat anymore during the year. I never forget to celebrate Jesus’s birthday either. It always fills me with a real – goodwill and peace towards all mankind. Just to sit silently beside a Christmas tree – otherwise dark – and listen to Silent Night brings tears to my eyes and memories.

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