The Golden Months: November

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November is upon us. We are halfway through the golden months (if you consider September through December to be the four golden months, which I do). By this point, the children who collected their treats on Halloween are now either recovering from their sugar high/sugar crash or having candy bar lunches for the next few weeks (or perhaps both), grade school teachers are probably learning how to teach the newly-energized students, teacher-parent conferences take place–making both parties nervous, almost all full-season TV shows are on the air (unless they have already been cancelled), a new season of Iyanla: Fix My Life begins, Day of the Dead celebrations continue from Halloween night, All Saints Day helps people escape from the demons in the world, those participating in Daylight Saving Time get an extra hour of sleep (or an extra hour of playing video games, browsing YouTube, or convincing their small child to adopt the new schedule that comes with Daylight Saving Time), Islam refreshes with a new year, voters ready for election day fill out their ballots and try to make sense of the cleverly-worded initiatives, politicians running for office no longer have to deal with the pressing question of whether they will receive enough votes, veterans get a special day dedicated to the work and sacrifice they have put into their duties, and Thanksgiving and Hanukkah find a way to share the 28th together.

What does November mean to you?


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  1. November means especially trying to imagine the life of the soldiers and giving thanks for them and for living in my country. In all honesty – I try to get all my Christmas presents and items I need for Christmas sometime in November so I don’t have to brave the stores or shopping in December. It’s a fun month, still not into the unwanted freezing cold yet.

    • All good things to do in the month of November. I agree, get the shopping down early. Though now that there are pre-Black Friday sales going on, it seems like the insanity won’t end until Christmas. And then there are the post-Christmas sales. Then the pre-New Year sales. Hmm.

  2. November means a draw of outside work to a close. When the first snow falls, I’m thinking that yard work won’t commence until spring. It also means I need to get ready for year-end paperwork for agencies like the IRS and SSA. Since I’m fairly work-oriented, it comes in the form of deadlines and compliance.

    • That’s true. I forgot about all those fun activities that come at the end of the year. At least you’re getting them out of the way.

  3. November for me means turkey and football.

    Oh wait. My mom and brother have birthdays this month too.
    I sound selfish … Ah wait.

    November means family to me.

  4. November has changed its meaning for me just by moving from one hemisphere to another. In Europe November is the month of falling leaves and misty days. As non-American there was no Thanksgiving but visits to the cemeteries visiting the graves of love ones gone. We were hoping for a white Christmas – and sometimes we were lucky.

    Here in Australia the sun is climbing higher and higher every day giving us a preview of summer with scorching days and bush fires. Here people wish for beach weather for the Christmas holidays.

    It makes one a special person when the experiences of different countries and cities combine in the mind to form a picture of a more complex world I would otherwise have.

    • That’s true. I am definitely writing about the American viewpoint, but love to hear about those who have alternative viewpoints on this season. A white Christmas may look more like a sandy beach than a snowy, cold neighborhood. Thanks for stopping by.

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