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I have been thinking lately about Halloween and the dark things that it can conjure up in one’s mind. Specifically my mind. I do love Halloween, but all the talk about the evils of human nature and how cruel people can be towards each other has really put my mood in a dark place. So, to counteract that, here is a video that really touched me.

There are a lot of good ideas here, but the one that struck me the most was when life coach Cheryl Richardson talked about how, when she has an intention, she says a prayer of, “If this is in the highest and best interest for me and those around me, then please allow it to happen.” This may seem like an ordinary thing to pray about, and it may be for some people, but when I heard that, I was struck by what she was actually saying (at least, this is my interpretation): Sometimes, we may want something very much, but it may not be the best thing that we could be doing for ourselves and for those around us. It’s a bit of a different take on everything happens for a reason. Or, perhaps what should be the phrase, things that don’t happen, happen for a reason. If you are feeling really stuck and putting pressure on yourself to complete a certain vision or goal, perhaps it is time to ask, Is this really what is in the best interest for me and those around me? Of course, when we are halfway through a goal, it can sometimes be hard to know if what we are doing is in our best interest. And I do believe that there is a difference between wishing and trying. I don’t believe in, say, not studying for a major test and then blaming “fate” or “destiny” as the reason you flunked. No, you just didn’t study. But, if you really put in the effort and got your mind physically and emotionally ready for that test, but still didn’t pass it, then perhaps it could just be that you never meant to pass it at all. Maybe something better is in store for you.

Reader, do you agree with my interpretation (it’s okay if you don’t)? What did you get out of the video?


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*Video Courtesy of OWN TV


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  1. I agree that there is a difference between just wishing and in trying. It’s easy enough to wish to win the lottery. I imagine by the sales of tickets and many ‘poor’ people wishing they were rich but if there is just no trying to ‘make yourself rich’ and your only plan is t win the lottery it’s so different than trying something – and failing. Yes, I agree it may be hard to put a lot of work and effort into something and fail – but instead of blaming yourself and letting your self-esteem drop, we should look ‘at the whole scheme’ and see if maybe that wasn’t the direction or way we should be going. I liked Oprah’s explanation of doing something because you want to, not because someone asks. It is a problem I think many women have. But we’re learning.
    A very good article.

    • Yes, Oprah’s explanation speaks for a lot of people’s experience. There is a difference between having persistence and being ignorant of the situation. Someone like Thomas Edison could have given up making electricity after the first try or the tenth or twentieth try, but he kept on going. Probably, like Oprah said, he had moments where he had to evaluate the situation and see if this was where he wanted to go or if he was just doing it because he felt this was something forced upon him.

  2. If you are feeling really stuck and putting pressure on yourself to complete a certain vision or goal, perhaps it is time to ask, Is this really what is in the best interest for me and those around me? : That’s a difficult question to answer. I’ve answered in the positive and the negative at different times in my life, and come out with pretty similar results!

    • It is difficult to answer, which I like. Perhaps what’s most difficult is that it is based on a lot of intuition and evaluating of the self, rather than trying to find a formula to plug in. Though I guess life’s most difficult questions are like that.

  3. I believe destiny is something we create for ourselves, but that outside factors can prevent us from attaining our goals, no matter how hard we try, and these outside factors are totally arbitrary. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether we failed because of something we couldn’t control, or if we failed because our behaviour led to something that might seem like an outside factor preventing us from succeeding.

    However, we can learn from any experience, and I think that when people say that their failures were “meant” to happen so that something better could take their place, it simply means that they managed to turn their failures into an opportunity to learn and do whatever it was they really wanted to do – and believing in a higher power of destiny beyond our knowledge or control generally does help people to get over their failures and learn from them.

    As long as we succeed, we don’t ask ourselves questions as to why we’re doing what we’re doing – we don’t have to, since we’re succeeding at it, and society tells us that is what’s important. But if we fail, we start asking ourselves questions, such as why we were trying for that particular goal in the first place, and if it’s worth it to carry on. If it’s worth it, we generally keep trying until we either succeed or find a better alternative. If it’s not, then we wouldn’t have been very happy with the success in the first place. Sometimes failing is the best thing that can happen to you.

    • I love what you say about not questioning success. That seems to be so true. If we are successful from a society standpoint (making money, usually), then there is less of a need to question if what we are doing is right or the best thing for us. We usually don’t think, “Hmm, is it worth it to keep on being a success?” unless we begin to experience failure in a different sense–usually, a feeling that what we are doing is not where we should be, or want to be. And from there, we can explore alternatives. Thanks for stopping by and posting this!

  4. Although I believe that in most cases, the universe provides for us what is best in its infinite wisdom, and that “luck” is happens when you have worked hard enough to be in the right place at the right time –

    The unfortunate truth is that sometimes, bad things happen to good people. Sometimes a person who studied hard, was emotionally and physically ready and still failed the test doesn’t necessarily have anything better in store – it was just that one time that something bad happened to a well intentioned person.

    However – this prayer – “f this is in the highest and best interest for me and those around me, then please allow it to happen” is gorgeous. I will repeat it so I don’t get frustrated and stop blogging!!
    many thanks for your gracious “like.” It meant the world to me.

    • I find that phrase very uplifting as well. Sometimes it is interesting to see what is considered “bad” at one point in your life. As commenter Mayri Grace said, sometimes a failure can be the best thing for us because it can cause us to reevaluate our life and see what can possibly change. There are instances when something that does not have any immediate answers (like the death of a loved one) happens, and I am still trying to figure out how such things can strengthen us, but I believe it possible.

  5. I’m not a fate or destiny type of person, which is probably not surprising. My work may read as such. However, I wouldn’t want that to stop people for deciding for themselves the clearest path for them. Is it fate? Is it a wish or an intention? Those are all things I would most want an individual to come to terms with without consensus.

    That’s their dream. That is their thoughts on happiness, and I would want them to have the ability to come to peace with their purpose. Personally, a wish in my book is something that gets little action, and an intention is something I actually exert effort toward. Do I consider other people in these thoughts? Not necessarily, as they it might simply pertain to my home. If people were involved, I would want to make sure its fair to the other players. No need to stiff someone hard, because that’s the road to Pyrrhic victories.

    • I think that, even if something is your destiny, work is required. For at least any destiny related to a career, you do have to put forth effort and intention. Otherwise, as you say, it just remains a wish.

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