The Golden Months: October

OctoberDear Reader,

Assuming you have looked at a calendar (digital or paper) in the last four days, then you know that the days of October are here! In October, things are starting to get a little colder, but also there is some progression from the previous month. The children and teachers are back in school and have started to get the taste of academic routine in their mouths, the stay-at-home parents that whisked their offspring away to school have gotten (hopefully) a bit more rest, students know who they have in their classes and don’t have to worry about who might potentially be in their class (but just have to worry about the people who are in their classes, such as the bully who always sits in the back and pulls on the hair of the students when the teacher’s back is turned), teachers who are new to the system have a few weeks of experience and time to adjust to the teaching routine, the days become darker earlier, fireplaces are lit in the afternoon and stay on until the depths of evening, the cold from the outside makes cushions and blankets inside that much more gratifying to wrap around the body, candle shops sell products with names like Cinnamon Spice and Pumpkin Pie, those who were hired during the September spree of jobs start receiving a paycheck from their new work, children dream of what to wear on Halloween, adults try to explain why dressing up as Miley Cyrus may not be an appropriate selection, Hollywood releases its next installment of some horror movie series, hopeful employees go to their bosses and politely (or not so politely) ask for a raise, pumpkin patches start popping up for visitors to run around in (and presumably to buy some pumpkins), movie theaters start to slowly release the first batch of possible-Oscar-potentials for the public to see and review on their blogs, school curriculum has not yet gotten difficult enough for students to drop out, the leaves make swirling patterns as they descend from the trees, vegetarians celebrate World Vegetarian Day (some carnivores may flirt with the idea of giving up meat, but ultimately decide that the steak at the store is too tempting not to indulge in), those in the Philippines have October 28th as a holiday, those running for local or national office try to convince the public to vote for them (particularly through the use of publicly bashing the other candidates), Croatia, Nigeria, the Republic of Cyprus, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, and Turkmenistan all celebrate their respected Independence Days, Canadians gather around a large meal to celebrate Thanksgiving, underpaid and overworked teachers get (a little) recognition with International World Teachers’ Day, and—of course—on the 31st of October, children (and teenagers in desperate need of sugar) wear bizarre clothes, beg their neighbors to give them some artificial sweet treats, collect as many candy tokens as they possibly can, and then use the next few weeks to have a reasonable serving size of candy as a daily allowance—or, as has been known to happen, stuff themselves absolutely silly until they go into a fit of energy and then temporarily pass out from all the sugar, change, and excitement that makes up October.

Do you like October? Let me know your reasons for or against this month in the comments section down below.


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6 Responses to The Golden Months: October

  1. I love October – nearly as much as September. Things are still growing (unlike spring with every barren) – but the weather is so much more comfortable and energizing.

    • Yes, October is not in that “dead” area that comes in the winter, but it is not exactly spring, either. It’s a nice mix of the two.

  2. It’s my birthday month, too. But there are two things I particularly like – the contrasts (the chill in the air in the morning compared to the warmth of the late afternoon; red and gold leaves against a blue sky) and the mood of fall, which for me is a sort of poignant awareness of the passage of time.

    • I always find that the chilly temperatures make me appreciate the warmth that much more. It’s a give-and-take relationship. Your sentence of fall being “a sort of poignant awareness of the passage of time” is so very true.

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