The Golden Months: September

SeptemberDear Reader,

The first part of the Golden Months are here. September, October, November, and December are the greatest months of the year. There is something so special about them, so unique, so warm. I love the warmth. It is not scalding, like the summer months, not something you could suffocate on. It is a cooler type of warmth, a kind that relieves, like a blanket offered in crisp wind.

In September, I feel a sense of renewal. The children go back to school, stay-at-home parents indulge in a little more breathing room from 8-3 PM (unless their children are home-schooled), teachers make a fresh start with a brand new group of children (while also hoping that they do not have the same troublemakers that they had to deal with last year), unemployed workers move closer to the possibility of becoming an employee in the stream of new hires, the movies theaters, once so crowded, empty out (making it the perfect condition to see a later-afternoon film), the sun starts to go away (which is ideal for those who prefer to live in the darkness), gym equipment gets a little more use, the TV shows return (most of them sitcoms with recycled jokes, unruly, unrealistic behavior, and trivial first-world problems—but that’s just me), co-workers are kinder (mostly because they just got back from vacation and were able to spend two weeks away from you), and stores start selling Christmas/”Holiday” trees, thereby ruining the chronological order of the seasons (well, at least, that used to be the case. Now, it seems like some of the larger corporations start selling after June, but that’s another matter. The smaller, kinder stores are a little more lenient on the marketing and tend to wait until at least school starts again.). Oh, and the colors of the leaves transform, letting all passersby know that change is coming. I feel so much more alive when everything calms down. Of course, things also start to gain energy as the month progresses, but in a subtle way (far more subtle than, say, New Year’s Day, which is host to many parties, celebrations, and soon-to-be-failed resolutions). Perhaps it is just a symptom of groupthink, but I feel ready to change when everyone around me wishes for the same thing, as they seem to do in the beginning of the Golden Months.

Reader, are you fond of September? What does the month mean to you?


Jumbled Writer

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  1. I love autumn and yes you described it wonderfully. If you were in a rural area you would see the farmers, gathering up their crops as well. There is a certain gratification in knowing you will eat and be warm during the long cold months of winter as well. I love the weather, the colors and the energy of fall. This is a good ‘memories’ article. Thanks.

  2. JW, I’m the exact opposite of you. I don’t like it when fall starts to arrive other than when the transition from hot, humid weather (I live in the south) turns into pleasant, tolerable weather. Other than that, fall only symbolizes the winter that will soon come. Leaves fall, flowers go dormant, and I don’t like cold. I love long days and hate coming home from work (when I used to work before my daughter died) in the dark. I am very much a spring person. Now summer is a bit much with our heat and humidity, but I love it more than winter. But that is just me. NOW however, my daughter took her life in spring just when all the flowers were blooming, my azaleas and dogwood trees were in full bloom and the grass in my yard was turning green. She killed herself during my favorite time of year when life all around her was renewing itself. Spring well never be my favorite time of year again. So, I guess I have no favorite time of year anymore.

    I do love your description of fall though. Most people love fall and I can almost love it due to your description. Maybe I can become a fall person since the spring love is forever gone.

    • I am so sorry that you have to go through this experience. I wish you didn’t, though I know that time cannot be undone. I cannot say what it is like, but I have heard from many that the first year is the hardest. My hope is that you are able to find comfort in the seasons again. Best of luck to you.

  3. I love September through November (Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday), but I’m not fan of December (or the two months that follow it). December is too dark, too cold, and quite frankly, too materialistic. As for September, it represents a new beginning–the start of the academic year. This year, it especially feels like a new beginning because my twins have started kindergarten.

    • December can be depressing due to the materialism that sometime comes with it. I do appreciate going into warm places after being out in the cold, but I can also see the other side of it. Yes, September does feel quite new and a chance to start over and prove yourself again.

  4. Pumpkin Spice lattes, colourful leaves, apple pies, pumpkins~ so much to “love” about September! Actually~ I try to find something beautiful in each of the “golden” months. Thank you for this “post!”

  5. You nailed it on the head for me. September is the start of genuine coziness. The crisp air, the changing of the leaves, fall foods, and a warm jacket reminds me of my Pennsylvanian childhood and makes me long for them, especially since I live in Southern California now.

    • Thank you. I like nailing things on the head (in a non-violent manner, of course). Fall is a great time to reminisce about childhood. Enjoy all that fall has to offer!

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