Story: Sleeping Believers

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Before this land, there was another, a land of thinkers and dreamers who developed their ideas of scientific advancement with precpillsision and intelligence. The medical achievements of today are far inferior to what was created then—or so it would be argued. There was a constant need to fill the lives of the citizens with safety and protection against all possible ailments, and as science progressed, these needs were met and then exceeded.
Yet, over time, the novelty of pills and medicines wore out. No longer hanging in the threat of disease, people did not just want to be normal, but to surpass the conditions of their current lives for something more, something far greater than anything a normal life could promise them. And, like previous wishes, this one was granted in the form of a pill. The initial creation was somewhat of an
experimental accident, but scientists found that they could put someone to
sleep for years with no obvious side effects. The body would be in a comatose
state while the mind lingered and explored in the thrill of a dream world.
Though the initial concept was meant to be for those who had been experiencing
chronic stress, and thus had a valid excuse for needing such an escape, the
definitions of “chronic stress” and those who “needed it” more than others was vague at the start, and soon became completely wiped away as the riots and chaos began. This land was trained with manipulating scientific matters, but social matters were not advanced, and so men stole from women, women from men, mothers from babies,  siblings from siblings, the poor from the rich, the rich from the poor, from those who felt that they truly needed it from those who just wanted to go along for the new social ride. Quite rapidly, the world fell asleep. And, because proper dosages had not yet been totally established (and were largely ignored, anyways), most did not wake up. The ones who were still alive found themselves too horrified at the state of the decaying world, and so eventually took the pills as well. Usually, before their final night, the ones left behind would burn a few bodies, pause for silence, and hope that those who crossed over found something better on the other side.

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26 Responses to Story: Sleeping Believers

  1. This reminds me of what the Hindus believe about their concept of god.

    Since nothing could be more boring than having everything and knowing everything… god forgets everything by going to sleep, and dreams the Cosmic Dream that is our reality. Death is never to be feared. It’s just an awakening to the reality that everything is god.

    Best regards
    Mrs. N.

    • Fascinating. It definitely wasn’t intended. I like that idea that nothing is more boring than knowing everything. Learning is something, in my opinion, that should continue for as long as a person is still on this earth.

  2. I sometimes wonder if our reality is just simply a dream from our unconscious, that the problems in the world is just simply a manifestation of the pathology that is happening within my own mind. I very much enjoyed reading your blog, made me think!

  3. Very good and great point! It does seem as if the world’s senses is being lulled to sleep by prescription meds. Children aren’t allowed to be children anymore. If they are, then they need to be drugged – that seems to be the new philosophy. How sad. 🙁 Very good blog!

    • While some do legitimately need to be on medication in order to control symptoms, I agree that there are far too many people getting prescribed medication, children especially.

  4. That was great. Been reading a lot of Arthur C Clarke short stories which, if you haven’t read them already, I highly recommend. This reminds me of some of his more philosophical moments. Well done.x

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