Story: Ice Rocks

iceWhen school got cancelled because of the snow, Eliza and Taylor went outside to play in their new natural treasure. Despite being in the fifth grade, both girls still believed in the magic of witches and monsters, which greatly assisted them in their play times. A favorite legend of theirs was the Ice Queen, which promised the appearance of the Queen when three rocks made of pure ice were presented to the opening of a forest during the first snowfall of the month. A preserved forest behind the two girl’s school, according to the two girls, constituted as the perfect place to bring the ice. Seeing as how it was the first snowfall of that February month, the two girls knew what they had to do. They found the ice rocks, brought them to the center of the floor, and danced around in circles (the last part of which was due to general excitement rather than ritual), waiting for magic to occur. Though both of Taylor’s parents worked at home, there was a miscommunication that morning as to who would be watching the girls, and consequently the girls were left by themselves until the afternoon, at which point the sky had darkened and general suspicion turned into panicked worry as the parents realized the reason they had failed to see Eliza or Taylor throughout the day. Rushing outside, they remembered Taylor’s talk of the Ice Queen and, going to the scene, found only small footprints that went in circles next to the opening of the preserved forest. There were no traces of any ice rocks. A search was held, but lasted a total of five minutes before a nearby neighbor found and brought the two girls home. She claimed to have discovered the two huddled and crying in her backyard, Eliza missing her hat and Taylor missing her jacket. To the outside spectator, they looked to suffer no injuries, though the two stopped speaking entirely. Only on the anniversary of the day would they speak, and only in monosyllables about any subject not related to the incident. And, on each anniversary, though all would have separately denied it had ever they been asked, the parents would be alone and with their thoughts elsewhere when they would hear the loud and unmistakable sound of Eliza and Taylor screaming for the help that came only after the horror.


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  1. Fun read, J-Dub. I laughed out loud at them dancing in a circle from general little girl excitement rather than from ritual.
    Thanks for throwing a “like” up on my story ‘Damn the Dorsal’. I’m curious how you find my blog? Feel free to wander about the Graveyard any time.


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