Story: The Woman, the Man, and the Video Store

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Here’s another story to linger over, if you so chose to do. I can’t say that it has anything to do with the first story I posted, though.



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The Woman, the Man, and the Video Store

There was an old woman who used to go to the local video store each week to pick up exactly two DVDs. When she went to the third shelf to the left—her favorite and only shelf that she visited—, she bent down and retrieved two DVDs from the bottom level. Workers who watched her pick these DVDs believed that she had a wide taste, as she got films from every genre. When asked about it once, the woman responded that she only used the films to fall asleep to. A worker suggested that she could always buy any DVDs that particularly interested her, but the woman only smiled. There was an elderly man who continuously came to the DVD store the day after the woman’s weekly appointment. He always came to rent two films and always from the thriller section. As the years went by, there were strange coincidences. The films that these two selected started to mirror the events of the outside world. A local girl was kidnapped after the woman rented The Abduction, a worker’s mother revealed the details of her affair following the woman’s rental of Three In the Mix, a restaurant burned to the ground after the man checked out Fire in their Eyes, and so on. Though not admittedly superstitious, the workers began to look to the checkouts in order to get predictions for the week’s coming events. This was never spoken of, as each person who believed this thought that they were the only ones who held such irrational beliefs. Eventually, the woman—already past her expiration date—checked out three films. Though it was unusual for her to do such a thing, the worker who was at the desk was new and did not yet know the woman’s history. The following day, when asked by veteran workers what films the woman checked out, the new worker could only remember that one of the films had been titled The Death. Looking at her profile, the workers found that the woman no longer existed in the system. Shortly afterwards, the elderly man came to the store to report the woman’s death. The man did not know how or when she died, but only knew that the death had occurred earlier in the morning. As one of the workers left work that night, he took the community bus home. Getting off as his usual stop, he swore that he saw the face of the elderly woman staring back at him through the bus window. The bus moved on before the man could get another look, though. Going to her house, the worker found that the lights were on, but no one answered the door. The elderly man and woman both disappeared after that. Looking for clues that might be found with the man’s account, the system showed that his profile was deleted as well. The lights of the woman’s house stayed on until, after getting a search warrant, two police officers searched the house. They found no bodies, but only the three DVDs.  After learning of their titles, the officers destroyed the films and resigned from the investigation. They have refused to speak about the case since.

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  1. I used to be the store manager of a Video Rental chain. I am SO glad I no longer work there. After reading this I would have been scared working alone at night! Definitely a story that has reader impact!!! Kat

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