March Madness

Dear Reader,

The dreaded month of March is here. I assumed you knew that already, but just in case you didn’t, I am here to fill you in. This is the month where I like to hide away. I can be quite productive, but I do not like starting or finishing projects at this time. There is something about the word “March” that makes me horribly prejudiced. No offense to March, but I am not sure that anything of much significance happens in this month. (Clearly, I am not a basketball fanatic). The month is more of a transition period between the winter and the spring, from the cold to the renewal. And this in-between time feels uneasy to live in. I suppose I prefer things to be one or the other; to either be freezing in the snow or gazing at the flowers, but not gazing at the half-emerged flowers with damp and melting snow on them. Perhaps this is because I like the product of change, but not always the process one must go through to reach that change.

In other words, Happy March.

Reader, does March hold significance for you?


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  1. Good article. I totally agree with you. It feels like March is the month that is like a waiting room. You are waiting for the transition from winter to spring and waiting with exitement what the warmer weather has in store for you.

    • Ah yes, a waiting room is a great metaphor for March. Hopefully the wait goes by quickly. Glad to see you stopped by!

  2. Great post! March is tricky, especially in the Midwest. Right now, it’s snowing, but in a week it might feel like a summer day. You never know from one day to the next, but I guess that’s a good metaphor for life.

    • That back and forth weather can really play with you, not just from an emotional standpoint, but even what to wear. I agree, not knowing what the future holds is a pretty large part of life.

  3. My birthday is in March, and while my birthday is less exciting than it used to be, I do look forward to the equinox (which falls on the same day this year).

    As for March madness, I didn’t even know what it was until I went to law school, where I had classmates from colleges with competitive basketball teams. I feel lucky to have had an undergraduate experience free of sports fanaticism.

    • If you have birthdays, it would probably add a certain something to the month of March. Happy early Birthday! And I am (glad?) you escaped that level of intense sports mania. If one isn’t careful, they can get seriously hurt–by the fans.

  4. I actually love the month of March. For me, it’s the turning point, the beginning of the end of winter. And, I always love to see how it’s going to be — in like a lamb and out like a lion, or vice versa. In our neck of the woods it’s in like a lamb this year. Loving it. I know that the breezes will begin getting softer and though it will probably snow a few more times, it won’t be the bitter, lasting kind of snow that comes in December and January. Good post — got me thinking!

    • A very interesting, alternative approach to the month. It’s much more positive than my original view. I like it. You saw I got you thinking but your comment, in turn, got me thinking! Thanks for visiting!

  5. I also like March – for new beginnings. It’s the time of new life in the animal world too. You begin to see new babies and most are so cute – like calves and colts. It’s a nice season for walking and just seeing pussy willows and crocus sprouting up – even with some snow still on the ground reveals a toughness to me even in things that look fragile. I don’t follow March madness or many sports so I don’t understand March from that point of view. Very good article.

  6. Well, in a small way it does hold significance for me.. Kind of weird, but it does.

    You see…
    maternal Grandma, RIP, was born on the 4th.
    Mom, RIP, was born on the 21st.
    Dad, RIP, was born on the 17th.
    I was born on the 5th.
    My baby sister was born on the 2nd.

    We have another sister born on Feb. 11th.

    Must be something in the fireworks in July that get people in my family particularly horny. 😀

  7. I was dreading March this year…an anniversary of a traumatic event was coming up. The anticipation of it put me in a panic. Remarkably…the day came and went with a mantra of “its just another day…its just another day…” ..the new meds that just kicked in didn’t hurt either:) We’ll see how next year goes but I say Good Riddance!

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