Story: Lonely Wanderer

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Just in case you received far too much happiness in light of Valentine’s Day, here is a story to read to help even out your happiness levels. (In all honesty, I do hope that you enjoy it and do not just find it to be gloomy and depressing for the sake of negativity).


Lonely Wanderer

Once there was a woman who went hunting in the woods to get some meat for dinner. She met a man named Harry who had two fingers missing—his thumb and his index. When asked what had happened to them, he replied that a wolf had bitten them off during a violent confrontation. The man waits for visitors to come to this camp so that he can warn them not to go into the woods. The girl asked if it was legal for her to go into the woods, and Harry replied that it was, but warned her once again. She denied that there were wolves in the woods, and so went in with her shot gun. The last the man saw of her, the woman was wearing a large red ribbon tied around her head. A day later, the man got worried and called a local squad to find her. They searched for six days, but found no evidence and called it hopeless. There were no humans or wolves to be found in the forest. Years went by and the man continued to ponder about the girl and where she went. He was getting older and needed to move to a smaller location, so he put his small house up for sale. Knowing the history that went with the house, many refused, but he eventually found a young, adventurous couple that took him up on a reduced offer. On his last day, with all his bags packed, the man gave a final look around the house. In the corner, there looked to be something he thought impossible to find. On the floor, tucked between the creaky and broken floorboards, was the red ribbon that the girl had worn. It was in perfect condition and tied in such a way that it was as if it was wrapped around someone’s head. Turning it over, he found a small, single drop of blood. And as he saw the blood, he heard a distant cry of a girl screaming for help.



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  1. This is the shortest story I have ever read that has managed to intrigue me. I want more! I’m dying to know what exactly happened to “red-riding-hood.” Also, the man is interesting. My mind automatically plugs things in and turns your story into my story, but I’m sure my story is completely different than yours. I always like short and entertaining reads, and yours is both, the shortest, and most interesting. Thanks for the entertainment 🙂

  2. JW,
    The minute I read wolves in the woods and woman with a red bow, I immediately sensed that the man was the wolf and the little girl was Red Riding Hood. I absolutely enjoyed your take on a beloved tale. I hope to read more from you on other childhood fables.

  3. I’d love to know the next chapter of the story. Great adaptation!
    Love your blog; it’s very unique and you have such a lot to offer. I’ll look forward to reading more.
    Thanks for checking out mine earlier.


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