Rolling Ahead in 2013

Dear Reader,

Just as quickly as it came, another year has ended and a new one has grabbed us. I don’t know about you, but last year felt like it went relatively quickly (see my last post for further details). On CNN recently, I found an article that stated 2012 was “The Year of Meh”, meaning that nothing of much consequence happened. Of course, this article was only referring to the pop culture and entertainment side of things (music, movies, Lindsay Lohan’s horribly-hated new film, etc). Did you feel that 2012 was also just “meh” for you? If you did, let’s try to change this.

It seems that my goals for this year are as follows:

1.) Debate going on twitter (see forthcoming post)

2.) Publish a new project (another forthcoming post)

3.) Try not to worry about matters which I have limited control over

4.) Try to control what I have worries over

5.) Write better blog posts (maybe better pictures would be a start?)

6.) Do not worry about how long these posts are, but only about the quality (I tend to check word count continuously in panic that I have not written “enough”, whatever that elusive phrase means)

7.) Expand my literary and film viewings

8.) Report more on my literary and film viewings

9.) Learn more of the piano

10.) Write a goal list and actually follow through with the items on the list!

Reader, do you have any goals for this year? Feel free to list them (or not) down in the comments section.

Here is a blank list for your top ten goals of the new year. If you have more, you can add them.

This year I will…











Happy New Year.


Jumbled Writer


6 Responses to Rolling Ahead in 2013

  1. Best wishes to you Jumbled Writer. I hope all your goals are realized. No – I think 2012 wasn’t meh but was a year of many events – some good, some enlightening and some bad. 2012 was the year I started learning the process of self-publishing.

    My top ten goals for 2013 are:

    1) Finish Seraphim – my latest efforts in writing.
    2) Spend time with my grand-children.
    3) Move back to the city I love – Calgary.
    4) Learn more about internet marketing.
    5) Help people improve their lives if I can.
    6) Listen to more ‘good’ news. Maybe balance every ‘bad’ story with a ‘good’ story.
    7) Like you – write better blogs.
    8) Spend more time with my family and friends.
    9) Learn to enjoy the snow more.
    10) Learn how to be a better person.

  2. Thanks for posting this JW. Here’s my list of writing resolutions – if I can stick to it.
    1) Finish novel #2
    2) Get contract for novel #1
    3) Attend at least one writers’ conference
    4) Expand my critique group
    5) Go to the local cafe for some writing R&R at least once a week
    6) Write at least 1,000 words a day
    7) Make book trailer for novel #2
    8) Post a blog entry at least once a week
    9) Make FB author page
    10) Post reviews on Goodreads
    * Make new writing friends! 🙂


      • Love the goals. I resemble some of those remarks–except for moving to Calgary (Anything under 70F is cold to me) and I’ve already learned as much about the piano as I care to know in this lifetime.

        Anyone who has lived in a war zone will tell you that “Meh” looks pretty good to people starving, enslaved, and in constant fear of death.

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