Another Year Spent

Dear Reader,

Well, I suppose it is getting to the end of 2012. It has been a strange year, that’s for sure. For one thing, the world did not experience any nuclear or apocalyptic activity on December 21st. This may have been relieving or distressing depending on your expectations. Personally, I was a little miffed that the end did not come and am trying to settle on a back-up plan. I do worry about those who were completely convinced that the end was coming and took many precautions, like stocking up on all of their essentials and building shelter basements to protect against the apocalypse. What are they going to do with all that extra food? Luckily, there is some doom coming. A man in France said that he knew that the world was not going to end in 2012. He holds the truth, which is that the world is going to end in January 2017. So for those who need a new date to countdown to, look for that! (Of course, this man did not announce his knowledge until after December 21st, just in case that he was wrong and his theory—quite literally—blew up in his face. Though I don’t know if anyone would have given his disproven theory any notice. When the world is ending, one tends to have other topics on their mind besides whose prediction was faulty).

I don’t know if I want to spend the next five years (no, four! How strange to think that.) waiting for the end of the world. That is just too depressing. It might be nice to shift my focus on something else. For much of this year, I have been anticipating the end. I really did not want to go on with life. My only excuse for such clichéd behavior is that things got difficult and it became increasingly hard to cope. So death felt like the natural option, the next step forward. Yet now I am trying to get out of that. Waiting for death to overtake you robs you of ever experiencing life.

The last 366 days for me have been focused on change, on letting go. From a larger perspective, 2012 has resulted in some transformations as well. We have entered a territory where shootings are becoming as common as the daily obituary in the back of the paper. Violence dominates the silver screens and real life. As reflected in the US presidential elections, it is becoming increasingly rare to find respect given to those who have alternative viewpoints. Besides the presidential candidates themselves, the preparing voters seemed to display particularly nasty symptoms of stubbornness (and this comes from both sides, though cannot reflect each and every voter). Nasty names being thrown out at each other is quite commonplace. And while it wasn’t as if we were existing in a place of complete proper politeness prior to this year, it does seem that the rudeness has increased. Yet I hope that this will only be a phase, as so many things end up being. And perhaps that means that 2012 has been just a shift in direction, a turning of the road, but is only part of the larger path we are about to go on.

What has 2012 meant to you?


Jumbled Writer


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  1. Happy New Year – Jumbled Writer. I am happy to hear you say that worrying is only preventing you from living as I agree completely. Life is often hard – but so wonderful too – enjoy every moment – even the bad.
    I am busy writing a ‘different’ story from my normal romance and hope to complete it this spring.

    Do you have any writing projects you are contemplating?

    • Dear Mary,
      Writing in a different genre than one is used to takes time and dedication. Good luck with your project. I hope to see it in the spring. Yes, I do have a project that I may announce soon in the blog. Have a happy new year.

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