Is This The End? Doomsday 2012

Dear Reader,

Well, this may be it. I am writing this before December 21st just in case the world does end on that day. I must say that, while I do not support the typical theory that the world will end on December 21st just because the Mayan calendar ends (even the Mayans are denying it), I have had a feeling that the world will not survive past 2012. Whether this just means myself dying or the whole world dying remains to be seen. But the end is near. At least, this is my theory, which feels solid enough to me. Now, do I have much evidence for this? No. Besides others agreeing that the end is coming soon (a community which, though still important as a human group, is not sizable enough to be near the majority of the public), I have nothing.

Now, there are some people that agree/have the same questions that I do about December 21st, but I have not met any of them. They are all on the news. I did hear a few people talking about the possibility that the world would end the other day, but they said it more in jest and something to the effect of, “Well, I guess I don’t have to worry about that Christmas shopping now.” From what I gather, there are some who are so terrified at the thought of the world ending that they have decided to kill themselves (and all possibly family members) before this great end occurs. Now, if that is you and you are about to do something fatal, I have two things: first, thank you for choosing this website as one of your last web excursions before the end. Secondly, and far more importantly, don’t. Don’t put yourself at danger. Don’t put others at danger. If the world is going to end very soon, there is no point in an early dismissal. Put the weapons down and at least wait to see if December 21st really is the end or not.

The end of the world probably sounds like a very negative thing. I have not seen it as such. If this is the end, then what is there to worry about? When you have reached the end, you have reached the end of worry. Human, earthly problems will cease to exist. So forget things like bad hair days, finding a parking space, fixing facial complexions, team projects, difficult co-workers, and so forth. None of that will matter when we are covered in eternal darkness. And that could be a relief for some.

So what will happen next? What is death like? Don’t come here for answers. I don’t know any more than the next person does. While death itself is an established fact, the place that we go after death remains lost in theories. I have no idea where we go. Perhaps we will be reincarnated back into nature. Maybe we will be sparrows or eagles or trees or, if we were bad, the mud that gets trampled on by human runners during races. We may start our lives all over again from the beginning to the end in circles, like the long-form of Groundhog’s Day. Also, it is just as likely, if not more so, that we will cease to exist. And then that will be it. There will be no hooplas or parties or torture sessions. We will stop spinning around and will be in peace. Personally, after the craziness of life, this sounds promising.

Wherever we are being led, know that we are not cats and we do not have nine lives. We have one. If it is not the ending tomorrow or the next day, it may well be the end the day or week or year after that. We do not know when the end is coming, so make the present worth the end.

Perhaps we shall meet again.


Jumbled Writer


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