Anxieties About Posting

Dear Reader,

Hello again. I must admit that I am absolutely terrified of writing this blog. I am not sure why this is so. You are probably a nice person. When I was writing the title of this post, I misspelled anxieties due to my nerves. I thought that this was an omen that I should not be blogging because I can’t even spell a basic word like anxiety, something I have written over and over again throughout my life. After that, I considered what else I could do with my free time. I am currently working on a writing project and am trying to expand my knowledge of films and books. This takes up some time. I typically write notes for both of these. If I do not, I have a difficult time stayed focused (that goes back to my jumbled mind).

You might be wondering why I am telling you this. Indeed, I have no idea myself. My brain is fluttering with nerves because I fear that I will not have anything relevant to say on these blog posts, and then anyone who reads it (if anyone does) will sign off immediately, and then if they sign off and unsubscribe I will only have my mother left to read my blog post and, nice as she is, you know you are not a success when the only person who takes an interest in your work does so because of biological obligation.

However, it is an interesting idea to explore. What is the correlation between being anxious and creativity? Must one be anxious to produce good work? In my mind, anxiety is something that propels motion forward. The anxiety that a writer has on, say, the financial situation in America could spur the writer on to compose a piece about it.

However, inspiration is different from creation and final product. Just because one is inspired to write the Great American Novel, for example, does not mean that they will succeed (particularly if the writer has a large enough ego to believe that they are capable of writing such a masterpiece). Talent and motivation have to be reasoned into the creation of any art piece as well. While I feel that anxiety can work as a starting point, the mental effects of having a nervous brain usually impede on the work in progress far too much to make anxiety a useful tool. This has been backed up by multiple scientific studies that show the negative consequences of a nervous mind.

That’s just me, though. If you have ever suffered from anxiety, feel free to comment down below and tell me about it. How was the experience for you (besides anxious, which I already guessed)? Did you feel that you learned anything out of it? If you have gotten away from the anxiety, congratulations. If not, just know that I am right here shaking with you.


Jumbled Writer


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  1. I have often felt anxiety and have somewhat found tools to cope. Those tools don’t always work. I don’t believe a writer needs anxiety to be creative as I often find the reverse to happen with me when I write. Often anxiety creates an inability to focus as all my thoughts keep going back to what is causing the anxiety. Then my mind goes blank. That is my experience but yours sound different. Do you believe anyone can eliminate anxiety at any given time? I find just when I conquer anxiety – it sneaks up and returns. I am with you shaking and looking, searching for ways to stop it. Do you think working on self-confidence will help anxiety? Just as a side-note I don’t know any writer who ever feels he/she has written the best piece they can.
    We all seem to know we can do better.

    • Dear Mary,
      Unfortunately, I have to agree with you. I don’t know any writer (who writes at least decent or above work) that is satisfied with themselves. Many times, not being satisfied conjures up the proper motivation for continuing on with a new work when the writing becomes difficult. As for anxiety, I think different people respond in different ways. Some have claimed that they need to be in uncomfortable climates in order to write. I think there can be a difference between being distracted by something looming in the future and being anxious. As long as the writer is anxious about the work they are writing at present, I think they can use this anxiety for fuel. If the anxiety becomes too much, however, then it stops serving the person and only becomes destructive.
      Jumbled Writer

      • I love words. I always called anxious – excited when it applies to something I want to do. But upon reflection – it is the same type of feeling. So are you saying there could be good anxious and bad anxious? Replacing excitement with anxious I can say that it does fuel my writing. Thanks.

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